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On the Precipice

This painting is a little larger than 6’ square. If I could paint large-scale more often, I would. The act of painting this size requires full body participation and step stools. It’s invigorating and somehow easier for me to keep the surface fresh, loose, and free-flowing.

It’s a painting of my husband on the precipice of the unknown, one foot rooted in the past while the rest of his body leans towards his future. His arms are back, caught in the moment just before diving forward. The figure is intentionally painted in a position that is impossible to actually hold, representing how our beliefs about what is and is not possible is often our largest hurtle.

Even though I painted this years ago, it seems even more relevant now than it was then. For the past two years my husband has been terribly ill and unable to live his life in the way he had previously. Everything was thrown for a loop and he’s had to completely transform every aspect of his being - shedding his old self and stepping into the new.


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