d hake brinckerhoff

I paint quickly, intuitively, and work much of the surface at the same time.  The tension of composition as well as the emotional and physical heft of a painting are important to me. I convey emotion through abstract expression using line and gesture drawing as my foundation and paint, color, shapes, and movement to unify the piece.

Most of my work has been figurative, with particular attention to where in the body the figure holds its weight—both literally and metaphorically. My figures often explore the ways that people make themselves vulnerable, become wounded and scarred, and yet, almost heroically, maintain resiliency.

I’m intrigued by the role I play in connecting the story of the image and the story of the viewer. Most recently, I find myself motivated to create work that can be both beautiful and challenging or uncomfortable, tackling social and cultural issues and that we typically remain silent about.