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No Longer Hiding

I’ve spent years believing that my work has a life of its own, and that paintings have been successful when I’ve “left myself at the door”. I’ve hidden and belittled my participation in my process. I now understand that my best work comes from when I’m truly connected to myself in a way that allows all the bullshit to fall away. I no longer want to hide behind the idea that “the paintings paint themselves” and want to put myself out there more. I’ve had a messy and joyous life and every ounce of it is in my work. The very thing I’ve been reluctant to show is the most important thing to put out there. Therefore, I’ve made a commitment to be more transparent about my work and what’s going on “behind the scenes” by posting here every day for at least the next 90 days! I welcome all comments and feedback.

photo courtesy @portiasnowstudio


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